Mike Karpishka, M.EduFun., Program Director, also currently a School Principal who has been entertaining and educating kids across North America for over 20 years. 

The Staff

Our goal is simple: To make learning fun, one event at a time.


Since first developing curriculum for Mad Science, the ultimate goal of Edu-Corp has been  to help kids get excited about learning. From Cruise Ships & School across North America to local Birthday Parties Parents, Educators and Kids love the unique and innovated programs we use to teach a wide range of subjects. 

Please take some time to look at the programs we offer and then give us a call for availability. Although a majority of programs are offered in Ottawa, Canada - We will (and have) travel anywhere in the world that there is a need. 

Need to raise a few hundred dollar$ quickly for a special project. Our sweet fundraiser may be the most simple program you have ever tried. Click on fundraising for more details. 

Welcome to Edu-Corp!

Fairs,  Festivals & Events

From one hour events to full day roaming and scheduled shows - we will give you more value, education and fun for your dollar than any clown or magic show GUARANTEED!

Birthday Parties & Corporate Events

  • Fun & Educational
  • Hands - on 
  • Any Location 
  • Any number of Kids
  • No Amatures!

 Schools &  Community Centers

 Schools can benefit from a variety of  program options. From in-class  workshops sessions to large  scale assembly programs. We will  leave your students and staff in awe. 

TheFun Education Corporation