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Fairs,  Festivals & Events

From one hour events to full day roaming and scheduled shows - we will give you more value, education and fun for your dollar than any clown or magic show GUARANTEED!

 Schools &  Community Centers

 Schools can benefit from a variety of  program options. From in-class  workshops sessions to large  scale assembly programs. We will  leave your students and staff in awe. 

"After we played CASHFLOW for Kids for the first time, my kids wanted to know if the red tokens (liabilities) were for real and if we had any in our life.  It was eye-opening to have them learn that we sometimes spend money on things that don’t bring in any returns.  The value of my kids learning these lessons is priceless!”​"

Andrea Collins, Teacher & Parentr

  • DinoScareUs (New)
  • Comedy Science Show (Science) 
  • Dr. Funny Bones (Paleontology)
  • Richie Rich Kid (Financial Literacy) 
  • Dr. Diode (Electronics)
  • Streek-it Hairspray (Wacky Hairspray Art)

Popular Programs

"Dr. Bones was absolutely  the very best Educational program I have ever seen. The way The kids learned about anatomy while having fun was absolutely incredible. Having observed the show on several occasions at the Calgary Stampede, I make sure I return every year to "bone-up" on my hippology."

Jill McCoist, Equine Educator

"I was impressed with the wide diversity of programs offered by Edu-Corp.  I don't have to drive across town after work to go to school.Mike's ability to work with students of all ages really made a huge difference. The grade one kids were as attentive as the grade eight's  I'm glad a friend recommended them."

Bradley Grosh, Principal


About Us

Educating And Entertaining Kids of ALL Ages for over 20 years!


As a parent of four kids and the principal of a school, I know how frustrating it can be to find quality educational and/or entertaining programs. Budgets are tight, volunteers are low and the same-old same-old (Bowling, Magician, Clown, Reptile guy etc...) does not seem to get the kids or participants excited.  Give us a call and let us educate you on the variety of programs we have available. We can customize any program and even work with you to create a whole new event experience. The call is free.


In a recent survey, 100% of the parents, principals, school council members, event organizers, festival coordinators, wives, midwives, board trustees, camp councilors, equine stable facilitators, midway operators, senators and city of Toronto Mayors who did not book with us suffered depression, mild anxiety attacks, occasional twerking outburst at work  and severe loneliness! We have not ascertained if any of this is due to their inability to pick up the phone and call us, but we do  care about YOUR health. Please don't take any chances and book one of our programs today. (For the record, we did not do the White House Christmas Event last year... need I say more!?)

Birthday Parties & Corporate Events

  • Fun & Educational
  • Hands - on 
  • Any Location 
  • Any number of Kids
  • No Amatures!