TheFun Education Corporation

Dino-Scare-Us (Roaming Act)

Walking with Dinosaurs

This is a roaming act unlike any that you will have ever seen before! This scarily life-like animatronic dinosaur will impress and amaze audiences of all ages. Using state-of-the-art costume design and an extremely talented actor the T-Rex is brought back from extinction! It looks real, sounds real, and even moves like the real thing - blinking, swishing its tail and roaring! Standing a towering 8ft tall and 16ft long, this spectacular dinosaur will be sure to grab anyone’s attention. An exciting interactive strolling act for public events, theme parks, corporate and private events this act truly is mind-blowing and will ensure that your event it talked about for a long to come.

Streek-It - The Hair Painter


Fed up with clown and balloon swords remains messing up your property? Looking for an alternative to the roaming magician with yet another card trick? Colour up your event with "The Painter". It's face painting for the hair. Using Salon quality products (no dollar store junk) we will entertain your guests with a dazzling array of colourful hair masterpieces.​

Dr. Diode Electronics

Electronics Circuit-Board Workshop

Dr. Diode is a unique,hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults. In the workshop participants solder electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards. The excitement of Dr. Diode is not just learning how to use a soldering iron but actually being able to make and take home a working electronic circuit. 

Dr. "Funny" Bones Education

"Museum Quality Exhibit & Programming"

Sir...What kind of dinosaur is that? I bet you it's a T-Rex! Well, we will let you in on a little secret. Its NOT a dinosaur! If it was we would have called it an Equineasaurus. With a variety of different program options available we guarantee this program will will tickle your funny bone. 

Lab Rats Science-Comedy Science Show

Educational Interactive Science Fun

Are you tired of the same old clowns and magicians doing the same thing over and over again, year after year? Why not sizzle up your event or party with a dazzling array of wacky science demonstrations. With over 25 years of "edutainment" fun, our Lab Rats program will educate and entertain all your guests, not just the kids!

Rihie Rih Kid$

Financial Literacy - Rich Kid / Smart Kids

Give your kids/teens the financial head start necessary to thrive in today's fast paced and changing world. Schools teach children how to work for money. The Richie Rich Kids program teaches children how to have money work for them. Using a variety of board games we will teach kids college level concepts regardless of their age!

Our Selection of Educational & Entertaining Programs

Rocketry (build and fly model rockets)


You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to join this program. In fact we will turn you into just for the day! Each participant will build their very own model rocket  while learning all about a principle called Bernoulli. From the simple to the complex, we will inspire the next generation of Homer Hadley Hickam, Jr.'s. Not sure who that is? Google October Sky, or Wikipedia his name. A great inspirational intro for this exciting program. 

 Schools &  Community Centers

 Schools can benefit from a variety of  program options. From in-class  workshops sessions to large  scale assembly programs. We will  leave your students and staff in awe. 

Birthday Parties & Corporate Events

  • Fun & Educational
  • Hands - on 
  • Any Location 
  • Any number of Kids
  • No Amatures!

Fairs,  Festivals & Events

From one hour events to full day roaming and scheduled shows - we will give you more value, education and fun for your dollar than any clown or magic show GUARANTEED!